Home and garden

Garden is an integral part of home if you live in a house or condo with atrium. The garden is, mainly in the spring and summer, an extension of the home and as such it should be taken into account. Between home and garden may not be sharp dividing line that separates us from life in the garden. Between internal spaces (eg. living room) and garden should be a smooth transition. Large glass doors that open onto a terrace or a small wooden platform is suitable solution. We should be able to watch what is going on in the garden through window, when weather is to bad to be outside.  When weather is fine, we can open the door and merge garden and living room. Wooden terrace or platform will take care that we do not step directly on the lawn or garden path, but have a feeling that this is still in some way part of the living room.

Terrace can be used as a place for sitting or dining and we can move on it our dining room, when the weather permits. If we install some kind of roof, then can be this part transformed to open dining room and parties even in rainy weather.

Garden and family

The impact of the garden on the family is great. The garden, which is directly linked to the interior, strongly increases living space. In the summertime garden turns into a living room, dining room, children's room or workplace. With proper design can provide the same intimacy as indoors. We can be be completely hidden from view of neighbors and passers by with high vegetation.

To children is garden playground and classroom at the same time. If you have installed some garden toys or the lawn is big enough for playing with ball, they can play in the garden for hours and hours. During play they are all the time in touch with nature and learn about plants and animals. Different insects settle in every garden and children will be watching them with interest. If you have a vegetable garden, we can arrange a small vegetable bed where can they grow their own vegetables and also learn about plants and their needs. Birthday celebrations in garden are certainly a very pleasant experience for each child, as well as for parents, since it will be much less work and there is more space available for games.

For adults is garden comfortable space. It can be a place to socialize with friends and other family members. Why should you have a summer lunch in the dining room, while you can have it in the garden in nature? A garden can be a pleasant place to relax and read books, work on laptop or just dream.

For the elderly having a garden is of great importance. Above all, the garden is a place where they can relax and rest, beside that gardening can be a very interesting hobby. Many people after retiring expand their gardens. The advantages are many. Gardening is a kind of recreation. Certain garden work requires quite a bit of effort. The garden is a source of domestic fruits and vegetables that may affect the condition of wallet. The garden can also be a stimulus for socializing. Many who are gardening hobbyist, socialize with one another and exchange experiences.