Romantic garden style

Romantic garden is most suitable for romantic people. It is a garden style for lovers and dreamers. It is characterized by a harmonious planting of perennials, mysterious planting of green plants with interesting leaves and mixture of plants that have a distinctive and strong scent. Romantic garden is dominated by courved lines. It is a garden of small nooks where you can hide from the others and enjoy privacy.

Open spaces in the romantic garden do not exist. Everywhere are flowering shrubs, beds with perennials, roses and other plants. With one look you certainly can not see the whole garden and you must walk around to get to know it.

Paths are branched and full of curves. They lead to the most hidden corners of the garden. After each curve we discover something new. Paths should be routed so that walking them is pleasant experience. For paths you can use stone slabs, sand, clay slabs, mulched bark etc. These materials should be exchanged among individual parts of the garden.

Scent is in a romantic garden important, so choose plants that emit odour. Lavender, lemon balm, thyme and other plants should be planted along the paths to emit odour at slightest touch. Roses are essential part of romantic garden. You should choose varieties which have odorous flowers. Even climbers are an integral part of the garden for a pergola can be used glycine, which has a strong scent and is attractive with rich purple flowers.

Romantic garden nook

Colours have a huge impact on well-being, so in a romantic garden should be combined very carefully. It is important that the colours are in harmony. Romantic beds should have light shades of colours. Dominating colours are shades of pink, white and pale yellow. We can add blue flowers.

Vegetable garden can be part of romantic garden. You should pay attention to the colours of individual vegetables. Plant them together with flowering perennials and annuals.

In romantic garden belongs large patio with seating furniture, where the whole family gets together. Patio may be edged with a variety of perennials and shrubs to provide us with a sense of privacy. Furniture should be in romantic shapes. Good choice is metal furniture. Create nook or more nooks where to sit on a bench and enjoy flowers. You can use massive wooden benches or a wooden deckchairs. Even metal swing or recliner will be a good choice. Discreetly placed candles or lamps will conjure up a pleasant romantic atmosphere in the evening.