Natural garden style

Natural garden is left to natural development with our interventions with which we guide it into the way we like. Listening to the plants is necessary as we are always trying to accommodate them. Observe which plants occur in the garden by themselves and encourage them to reproduce. In natural garden are planted only plants that live in surrounding environment. Exotic plants do not have place in natural garden.

Designing a natural garden is a lengthy process, if we start from scratch. The transformation of an old garden into a natural garden takes a lot of time and patience. It is important that at the beginning you do not remove all the plants from the garden, but remove them gradually as you plant new.

Creating a variety of habitats should be main priority. Dry wall or a pile of brushwood may be a niche habitat for certain selected plants and animals. Animals are an integral part of every natural garden so do not be surprised if garden gets inhabited by birds, insects, hedgehog and other animals. Even larger wild animals will come to visit.

Paths should be planted with grass, paved with wooden blocks, strewn with bark or from individual stone plates. For individual design elements should be used only natural materials such as wood, brick and natural stone.

Furniture should blend with the garden. Wooden, metal and stone furniture is best choice. Garden furniture can be placed on the lawn or under a tree.