English garden style

English garden is a special style of garden design which was developed in England. This style has become popular in Europe in the 20th century. English garden is now a copy of English gardens of the 19th century.

English garden is characterized by certain features. At first glance, this garden works perfectly natural. A good observer will notice that it is a very formal style of design, where nothing is left to chance. Basis of the garden are hedges and walls that divide garden into differently sized parts. With its height they offer protection to plants and produce milder climatic conditions. Each part has its own design and plants. An integral element of each part is nook to sit and relax, with a splendid view on garden beds.

English garden has straight paths. They are usually paved with stone slabs or plates of baked clay. Beds are of symmetrical shapes. They can be rectangular, in the form of an arc or of a cross. Beds are separated by grassy paths. It is important that the beds adapt to a decorative element, which has a central location.

Peculiarity of the English garden are borders. These are long beds, surrounded by lawn that lead to a decorative element. Borders can be floral, green, mixed or with shrubs. Borders can charm visitors with their colourness and structure. The most common are mixed borders, as they can be full of flowers through a year.

Pond has an important place in English garden. Ponds are of clean geometric lines. They are an integral part of the garden. The edge is sharp and often paved with stone or wooden panels. Garden pond is often central part of the garden.