Water garden

Water is attractive element of design which can be incorporated in almost any garden. If you have larger garden, you can make a pond. In a small garden you can put water in larger pot and plant water lily. In gardens on slopes, you can make long stream or creek. If you are lucky enough to have garden with natural stream, you can incorporate it in garden in many ways.

Garden pond

Water in the garden has its own charm and its role. Water motifs are soothing and relaxing. Purl of water jumping over stones and small rocks brings into the garden new dimension: sound. Water garden is attractive to aquatic animals and certainly frogs will settle. If you have larger water garden with marshy part more wild animals will find home in it.

Into water garden can be changed only part of the garden or whole garden. It is important that banks are safe to walk. A swimming pool can be a part of water garden. If you have garden large enough, you can make a real natural swimming pool or large pond where you can swim. Water colour in such swimming pool should not disturb you. It will be dark brown and never crystal clean. Water is nevertheless clean and suitable for swimming. Since it is cleaning itself naturally, you do not need to use chlorine and only if it is really necessary, you should install water filter.

Pond is environment for water lilies and other aquatic plants. These should cover no more than one third of water surface. Thus enabling adequate exchange of oxygen and trouble-free life for fish and other aquatic animals. The most beautiful ponds are those with natural shaped bank, where water world passes into the swamp, and then in garden with hydrophilous plants.