Front garden

Front garden is image of our home, our family and our character. It is the first thing visitor meets and we should pay special attention to it. Front garden (or front yard) is in front of the house between street and house. As it is usually small, it should be planned very careful.

Front garden should be designed in accordance with the image of the house and its surroundings. In the case of terraced houses it makes sense for neighbours to agree on a single image, while at separate houses we have slightly more options. Frontal garden can be open or closed.

Open frontal gardens are without fences or borders with a high hedge. To the front door leads the path, which invites you to visit. Frontal garden has grass and some shrubs or trees. Very attractive are trees and shrubs designed in accordance with art of topiari. We can create one or two circular or rectangular flowerbeds on which we plant perennials. Open frontal gardens are very suitable for terraced houses and houses with small frontal gardens. If you have more space in front of the house, you can create a fence out of stone, wood or hedgerow and create closed frontal garden. It will protect the house from the effects of the road, such as noise, pollution and salt.

Integral part of every frontal garden is path that leads from the street to the entrance of the house. It is important that the path is constructed of such a material that walking is safe in all conditions. Suitable are sand, concrete paving, stone slabs, and more. Unsuitable is wood as it will be slippery in rain and snow. Path should be at least 1,5 meter wide.

If you have space for the car, then you should create parking space. It must be wide enough for a car  or two, and there should be path leading to the house door. If you do not have a garage, you can build a roof that will protect your car from rain, snow, hail and sunshine. Since the parking area is larger space, you should arrange water drainage away from the house.

Plants are selected depending on the size of the frontal garden and its location. It is important to plant more robust plants along the street, which will not be damaged by pollution from road and salting in the winter. High trees are not suitable because they will prevent the growth of other plants and, if they are too close to the house, they will restrict access of light to the interior. Lower trees and shrubs are more suitable. Variety of perennials can take care of variegation throughout the whole year. Different grasses that retain their appearance over the winter, will make front garden interesting in winter. Along the house wall we can plant climbers.