Forest garden

Forest garden is a special form of a garden that can only be created if we have enough space or garden stretches into real forest, which is in our possession. Forest garden is a peaceful place with natural groups of trees and undergrowth. In doing so, we imitate as closely as possible real forest. For such gardens we need at least 1,000 square meters of land. We also have to reckon that trees grow slowly and the garden will get the appropriate image after several years. Often the best solution is that we plant in part of the garden a group of forest trees, forming a wooded corner.

For forest garden it makes sense to choose trees that have somewhat coarse-grained crown that will allow at least some light to reach the floor and undergrowth can develop. Suitable trees are oaks, birch, wild cherry and pine-tree. Other tree species have too thick canopy and beneath them rarely other plants grow. Avoid planting mainly coniferous trees. Alternatively, on the north side plant some of coniferous trees, if there is open space in front of them, so the sun will reach under them and the ground will be turned green.

In the undergrowth planting plants such as cyclamen, bellflowers , hellebore, ornamental nettle, primrose, foxglove, snowdrops, anemones and others is common. Ideas for planting can be acquired during a walk through forest where you can see a variety of plants or in the nursery if we would like to have more ornamental varieties which are suitable for gardens. If forest garden is properly designed, different wild plants and flowers will settle. If you prepare a suitable soil, forest garden is perfect environment for ferns.

Paths in forest gardens should be soft to walk, like walking through the woods. They should be hardened and covered with bark, needles or other bulk material. Do not use stone slabs, paving stones or rocks. If you have a small trench or brook, you can make a simple wooden bridge. Paths should be narrow and twisted. Paths of straight lines do not belong into forest. Somewhere in the middle of the trees create nook with wooden bench to sit and relax on.

If we decide to create forest garde, we must pay special attention to the surroundings and neighbours. Trees will eventually grow over ten meters high and cast a shadow far and wide. This can be very disruptive to the neighbours, especially those on the north and east sides. In addition, tall trees can be problematic in strong winds. Wind can break or uproot them. When this occurs, very great damage can be achieved if tree falls on the house.