Family garden

Family garden is a garden for the family. In it each member of the family from children to grandparents finds its place. Everyone has own place to happily spend free time. It is a place where the family spends a lot of time. Family garden is arranged to have central spot where family members can socialize. Other parts of the garden are used for various activities.

The main part of the family garden is certainly a terrace or another area with garden furniture in the shade of a large tree. From late spring to early autumn, the whole family eats here and spend their free afternoons or mornings. This is also place for garden parties. Children's birthday parties in the garden are much more simple and practical as in the house. Children will have more space to play, while we will not have to care that they will brake a precious vase or damage furniture.

Important place in the family garden occupies a vegetable garden. This is source of fresh vegetables and herbs for family cook to prepare delicious dinner. Vegetable garden can be an excellent form of relaxation for grandparents. Caring for vegetables will become their hobby and they will gladly spend hours and hours in it. We can grow different vegetables, but the most common are lettuce, radishes, beans, carrots, parsley, kale, peas, zucchini, cucumbers and chives. If you are familiar with medicinal plants, small part of garden should be reserved for them. In autumn, we can pick them up and prepare different herbal teas.

If the garden is large enough, we should plant a few fruit trees. Most often are apple trees and pear trees, but if you have enough space, you can plant plum, quince and cherry. We should choose resistant varieties that do not require a lot of care and are resistant to pests. In true family garden should be raspberries. If you have enough space, you can plant currants and gooseberries.

Family garden is a paradise for children. It is a place where they learn about plants and animals and are in constant contact with nature. The most interesting part is the children's garden bed, which is intended only for children. Somewhere in the garden let children create their own flowerbed or vegetable bed where they will learn to grow their own plants. This will encourage their desire for contact with nature and they will learn about it. When working on the bed do help children, but do not impose your ideas. Let them be free to work with the bed as they like, but try to keep them on the right track. It is important to choose robust varieties that will tolerate rough handling. Suitable flowering plants are sunflowers and marigolds and vegetables such as zucchini, cucumbers, radishes and cress. Do not forget strawberries and small fruit tree.

In the family garden there is always space for pets. Garden should be slightly adjusted depending on their requirements. If you have a dog, then arrange several grassy areas where it will be able to play and run. Use robust grass that is otherwise used for sports surfaces. Pond should be protected with a net or a high enough fence to prevent bathing.

A lot of attention should be given to safety. Children are curious and careless, that can quickly lead to an accident. Therefore, it is important that the probability of accidents is as much as possible reduced in advance. The family garden is not suitable for plants that are highly toxic or have thorns. Also, garden tools and accessories must find its place in the garden shed or closed storage. If we have a pond it must be adequately protected so children will not fall in it. Sandpit, where children play, should be always covered, when not in use, to prevent cats to use it as a toilet.