Atrium garden

Atrium garden is oasis in the middle of the city. Walls or high fences protect us from curious passers by and noise from the street. This small sized garden gives the feeling of a living room outdoors. But too small atrium garden is not good solution. It should have at least 25 square meters. This will allow us to create seating area, flower bed and plant one or two small trees.

In the atrium garden we usually use all parts: ground, walls and fence. On the wall we hung pots with perennials, and along walls we plant climbers. Walls will become colourful and will have positive impact on well-being.

The major part of the garden can be grassy, only part where we sit should be paved. It also makes sense to design some flowerbeds to plant flowers and other plantsts. Paved surface is easy to clean and we can walk on it in slippers. Plants can be planted in containers and pots, which allows us to move them.

Sitting area is a mandatory component of any atrial garden. It is part where we read, eat, work or relax in sunny days. Table and four chairs will need about 6 square meters of flat and paved surface.