Orchard is area with few hundred or few thousand fruit trees. Orchards are usually intended for quantitative production of fruit for sale on the market. Because of that, orchards are in some way plantations. Trees are planted in straight rows for ease of access and processing.

Smaller orchard with a few dozen trees can be made in the home garden, where fruit trees are planted in straight rows. As in the garden aesthetic appearance has great importance, gardeners usually do not decide to have an orchard, but make a fruit garden. In fruit garden trees are planted in different ways, and different species of fruit trees are planted together.

To quantify the production of fruit various chemical agents are used for the control of diseases and pests. High density of trees of the same species or variety in a large area is an ideal environment for the development of pests and diseases, because the attack can spread very quickly. Orchard is industrial type of fruit production, which is not suitable for home gardens, In home garden is the most important healthy and sustainable production of fruits.